The Soil and Water Conservation District Partners.


Indiana Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts (IASWCD)
The IASWCD serves as a united voice for all 92 conservation districts across the state. The Association aids districts by pursing new and/or updated policy and legislation. They work to coordinate technical, financial, and other forms of assistance from available sources (public and private, local, state, and federal) in an effort to develop locally-driven solutions to natural resource concerns. The Association also provides professional development for district supervisors and staff.

National Association of Conservation Districts
The NASWCD is a united voice for all SWCDs across the country at the federal level and offers monthly webcast programs for staff and weekly conservation information via emails.

Neighboring and Regional SWCDs
Partners for workshops and grants, and provides networking for district staff.

Indiana Districts Employee Association (IDEA)
Encourages excellent work ethics and promotes and provides professional development for district employees.

Indiana State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) - Division of Soil Conservation (DSC) and State Soil Conservation Board (SSCB)
ISDA-DSC provides guidance, direction, and professional development for district supervisors and staff. The ISDA-SSCB provides direction and funding opportunities to the SWCD through Clean Water Indiana (CWI) grants.

Conservation Cropping Systems Initiative
This organization offers support and financial assistance for speakers for soil health workshops.

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) - Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)
NRCS is our chief source of technical expertise in the agricultural area. We share office space, technology, data, and communication equipment to achieve our common goals of reducing erosion, sediment, and nutrients loss, while improving soil health on productive agricultural lands, establishing wildlife and pollinator habitats, and protecting and improving water quality. The NRCS District Conservationist implements Farm Bill programs in the county and advises the local SWCD Board of Supervisors as they seek to address conservation concerns on agricultural lands in the county.

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) - Farm Service Agency (FSA) -
The FSA assists us with communication with producers and conservation education activities.

Purdue University Cooperative Extension
The Purdue Extension is the educational branch of the Indiana Conservation Partnership (ICP). Through Cooperative Extension-Delaware County we have local staff and University expertise available for workshops, field days, and other conservation education activities.

Muncie Sanitary District/Bureau of Water Quality
The Muncie Sanitary District: Bureau of Water Quality’s vision is to become the principal regional watershed leader by creating resources and educational partnerships that promote, protect, and enhance the biological, chemical, and physical integrity of the White River ecosystem. Contributes technical and in-kind service.

Community Enhancement Projects, Inc
Partners in conservation projects.

Ball State University
Provides like-kind assistance in the form of interns and volunteers.

Taylor University
Provides like-kind assistance in the form of interns and volunteers.