First Steps in Conservation Planning

First Steps is a FREE program through the Delaware County Soil & Water Conservation District to give property owners the information they need to begin the conservation planning process.

Alternative Crops and Enterprises

Regenerative Agriculture

Conservation Drainage

Timber Management and Conservation Forestry

How does it work?

The Four Steps in the program:

  • 1. With your permission, a program specialist from the SWCD will examine your property and document site features and land use in a map based portfolio.

  • 2. The specialist will develop a tentative plan that outlines different ways to make improvements and farm more efficiently based on soil types, slopes, and other variables.

  • 3. The specialist will visit with you and discuss the data and preliminary suggestions and then work with you to select and define your own personal objectives.

  • 4. The SWCD will direct you to the people and programs who can help you find ways to pay for and implement the plan’s suggestions.

Apply now for some FREE, expert consultation about how YOUR SPECIFIC PROPERTY can benefit from conservation programs.

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